Key topics

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Key topics

  • Gluon and heavy-quark PDFs at mid and large x
    • gluon in the proton
    • gluon in the neutron
    • heavy-quark in the nucleons

  • Spin physics
    • Gluon Sivers function studies via transverse SSAs
    • Final-states polarisation studies
    • Drell-Yan and transverse SSAs

  • Nuclear matter effects
    • nuclear PDFs
    • Energy loss
    • Cronin effects

  • W/Z production
    • QCD corrections near threshold
    • very high-x quark pdfs

  • Deconfinement in heavy-ion collisions
    • Quarkonium sequential suppression
    • GQP formation from the viewpoint of the target rest frame

  • Exclusive and semi-exclusive processes
    • Ultra-peripheral collisions
    • Diffractive hadrons production/heavy baryon production
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